Bra re-education

Hello lingerieaddict, lovers... its been months we have posted our usual bits and tips on #lingerie, apologies on the laxity, so much to catch up on social media. Cheers to the New Year, we hope it will be fashionably sexy.
How and When to Kiss a Dead Bra goodbye#stopwearingdeadbras.
--If your Bra band rides up after wearing on the tightest clasp. Rather than your band laying flat horizontally at the back, it forms an arc.
--When the elastic is overly streched out that it does not bounce back.
--The cups(molded) are saggy and has no shape anymore.
--If the Bra is discolored or brownish.The stitches
--The stitches are ripped or have holes in them.
--When the underwire is broken or poking your skin.
--The hooks are rusty, peeled or damaged.
--If your Bust is drooping, your Bra is no longer doing its job.
--If you start to feel uncomfortable with the band or cuppish mold.
That is the time to give that favourite Bra or your go to Bra a befittig burial *lol*. #StopWearinDeadBras.