The Pad Experience

Howdy ladies #LingerieAddicts! We trust the year is starting of in a good way, as pledged by us to give you regular update and tips on lingerie tits and bits, "the bra pad pre
ference is today's look into.

In the course of my expertise in Lingerie world, have had the pleasure of discussion/preference on the type/average amount of padding ladies want in Bras, some say very padded, some small pad and some extremely padded *smiling*. Truth is most Bras are padded but to soothe different taste and preference.
The Lightly Padded: these Bras are have pad but they are light padding to prevent gapping nipple under thin fabric clothing.
The Demi Padded: these Bras have pads to the lower side edge of there Bras to give the average bust lady a moulding boobs shape, making it look mouldish round. (also called air boost by secret posessions).
The Double Padded: these Bras are called demi push-up bras, they are made to give ehanced Cleavage to the wide- space bust ladies (imaginary cleavage).
The Tripple Padded: these Bras are for the less busty ladies (sz 30-32) the pads are soft when washed but do not loose there effect after washing, it gives extra cleavage, pushes up the boobs and also moulds the look after worn.
We sincerely hope we are able to address your preference and satisfy your little worry concerning Bra pads, xoxo.....