Shelf Bra

A Shelf Bra is the type of bra that supports the lower part of the breast, leaving the areola and nipple bare. Shelf bras are equipped with an underside or an elastic band at the base to lift the breasts up,and they often used for the bedroom as opposed to daily wear. Other names for the Shelf bra are "quater-cup bra, open-cup bra and cuplessbra. Built-in bra" which are sewn into camisoles, swimsuits, are also frequently referred to as a shelf bra.          A true shelf bra is primarily worn for looks rather than functionality or comfort. They are special occasion lingerie. A real Woman who wants to add diversity to her Repertoire of undergarments must know about the different kinds of shelf bra available out there, and she should know how to chose the best shelf bra for her needs. Ts important not to be confused during the shopping experience.                     
  Types of Shelf Bras
There are two distinct types of shelf bras: the Lingerie shelf bra and the Utility shelf bra.

Lingerie shelf bra:- Ts a kind of bra that has elastic band underneath  the breast area and a very small cup or no cup at all. The band may be thin or thick, depending on the bra design. Lingerie shelf bra are purposely designed for the bedroom. These bras are made from nylon or cotton with sheer, delicate seams.
Utility shelf bras:- is reference to as built-in bra. Often sewn into clothings, just like the lingerie shelf bra it has elastic support, the bra is not  a seperate undergarment  but part of the top itself. Utility shelf bra allows you to wear cloths without wearing a bra seperately.

Because lingerie shelf bras are meant to be seen, they are often come with a number of accents that contribute to fun and sexy design. These accents include sequins, rhinestones, feathers, ribbons, ruffles, studs,chains......
Note: while lingerie shelf bras seem like a great way to spice things up in the bedroom, they are not for everyone, its suitable for cupsize A-D.