Top 5 Bras to have in your closet

Everyone probably has the perfect little black dress, the perfect jeans and perfect killer heels, but do you have the perfect bra? if you do, way to go but if you don't ts time to do.
Having a Bra wardrobe is perhaps the most important thing a woman can do for herself, however if "bras" baffle n overwhelm you with chioces, don't stress. get these 5 bras styles and you are good to go.

The T-shirt Bra
ts the first bra in any lady's arsenal undergarmet, always be trusty with this seamless bra, comes in smooth material, such as cotton or satin to avoid lines, bumps under clothing, especially beneath shirts and dresses.
The Black lce Bra
admit it lad ies:you love to look n feel sexy.... wheather to you or your significant other. thats excaty why you need a seductive lacy black bra in your intimate edition. ts se
The Sports Braxy but functional and you can select a lacyvbrief, it can also be worn under most clothes.