chemise, babydoll slip & negligee! distinct difference

Chemise is a slip of garmet that has spaghetti type strap to hold it on the shoulders. it can be worn as an intimate apparel, this flirty little mini-slip is approximately thigh length or a
little above. standard chemise comes in material as crushed velvet, satin, silk, mesh &lace.

Babydoll slip a highly eroticized item of adult apparel, it fully expose the woman's legs and emphasize or delibrately reveals the breast. it often comes with a set of matching panties, babydoll are now becoming a part of bridal/honeymoom lingerie.

Negligee refers to a female nightgown primarily a fancy one that is sheer, silky & often trimmed with lace. it differs from the nightgown because it tends to barely cover the body and often considered sexy or flirty.